Only More of Him – Rebecca’s Testimony

“No one to turn to, that’s when I met you…” (All this time – Britt Nicole)

My name is Rebecca and this is my story.

I grew up in a Christian home. My mom got saved when she was 19 and my dad was brought up in a Christian home. That being said, we still had a lot of cultural influences and Tamil traditions that were part of my upbringing.

My family and I went to church every week and I was always part of Sunday school.  Friends that knew me as a child remember my strong Christian beliefs. I always knew I was serving the one true God and that Jesus died for me.

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Every Moment Counts – Sofia’s Testimony

Hello Ladies, I would like to share with you how I got saved and came to love the Lord. I’ve attended church for 17 years now but I wouldn’t say that I got saved 17 years ago. I knew the Lord but never really understood what it meant to be a Christian. My testimony is not about just one great big moment of revelation but little moments of learning and seeing God make changes in my life. I hope that my testimony will affect your lives and your relationships with Christ.

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More Than Functional – Tina’s Testimony (Guest Post)

God designs us and creates us, but He doesn’t stop there. He watches over us and protects us throughout our lives. One day, we realize we need a relationship with God and we decide to be in that relationship forever, which is only possible through Jesus Christ. I am forever grateful that God relentlessly pursued a personal relationship with me and kept me company during rough times. This post took me weeks and not hours to write – it was so hard. I’m not trying to romanticize or oversimplify God…if anything, let me try to put my testimony into words for you: Without God, I wouldn’t have made it.

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Confident in Christ – Esther’s Testimony

Hi everyone. My name is Esther and I am really excited to be a part of these blog posts.

I was born into a Christian family in Sri Lanka and when I was 5 years old, my dad became a pastor. So, ever since then, I have been a PK (Preacher’s kid). As a child, I was the shyest person in the whole wide world. I was so scared of people! At school, I kept to myself and made no friends. None of my classmates knew who I really was. But at home, I got along great with my three younger sisters and loved my family a lot.

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The One True God – Raina’s Testimony

My testimony. Where do I begin? I was born and raised Hindu. I lived beside a temple back home in Sri Lanka and my family consisted of very devout Hindus. We worshiped idols day and night, participated in rituals and gave offerings of food and money to the temples. I grew up not knowing who Jesus was because I lived in a Hindu populated village and, well, I thought the only god – or gods I should say – were the ones that my family and I worshipped.

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In His Image – Briana’s Testimony

Woman looking into a mirror and seeing Jesus Christ as her reflection
You are the reflection of Jesus Christ

For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Briana. I just turned 29 years old and ​m​y amazing husband​,​ Akilan​, and I​ have one beautiful daughter together. When I look at the life I lead now, I can’t help but thank God for blessing me and for being with me. Let me rewind a little bit so you can get a better understanding of me.

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Hardened Hearts – Jasmin’s Testimony

Breaking through a hardened heart.

It was September 2005 – I can’t remember the date, ‘cause it wasn’t as important as what had happened to me – when a few weeks after I started a new job alongside my sister, a co-worker (who later became a good friend), shared the gospel with me. After I got over my self-righteous, overly religious Catholic ideologies and mindsets, I remember asking Jesus to be the Lord and Saviour of life. The conclusion to follow Christ happened within the four walls of my ‘hip-hop postered walls’. I can’t recall having an “altar call” experience to seal my decision in the Lord until about a month later, after having gone to see a theatrical production titled ‘Heaven’s Gates and Hell’s Flames’ at Malvern Christian Assembly, which is now my home church. But prior to this moment that changed the course of my life, I lived completely differently and my story went like this…

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Lost and Found – Eva’s Testimony

A child praying the rosary
A child praying the rosary

I was born and raised in a strong Catholic environment.  I was baptized as an infant, received my first communion when I was 10, and eventually I received my confirmation when I was 13 like a good Catholic child.  My mother took every measure to ensure I was following Catholicism and its practices and rituals.

Our family would attend Friday evening prayer and Sunday morning service like a good, religious, Catholic family week after week. We recited the rosary every Wednesday night at home. The rosary is a set of prayers that consisted of 15 Hail Mary’s (which is a prayer to the Virgin Mary), “Our Father”s and “Glory Be”. We utilized a string of beads to keep track of number of prayers that we did. I was so religious and never missed my prayer time. This was important for my family as it identified to us who we are, so that we could follow our heritage as a practicing Catholic family. These were our rituals and traditions for decades.  However, the prayers I had recited didn’t give me a better understanding of God, nor did it help me grow in faith. This way of life as a practicing Catholic became redundant and routine. As I grew up, I followed what I was taught and didn’t realize there was more to God than the traditions and rituals I followed.

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