Thankful, Grateful, Blessed!!


Major change is on its way! The days are going to get shorter, and the crisp, cool fall breeze is going to fill the air. One of the most picturesque seasons will be our backdrop in a few short weeks, and I can hardly wait!

The beautiful hues of the fall foliage, pumpkin spiced everything, sweater weather, making a thanksgiving feast and baking treats for those who are dear to my heart, are a few of my favourite things about this season.

The pilgrims were believers who started the tradition of thanksgiving many years ago, even though they lost a lot of loved ones and did not have much. When God blessed them with abundance, their hearts of gratitude remained the same. One thing was certain, during their times of famine and during the times of plenty, they praised God and fixed their eyes on Him as their source of life. They were truly grateful.

Some of you may be having a hard time giving thanks to God because it appears as though you do not have much. You may even think that there is nothing to be thankful for because this year didn’t have blessings or turn out the way you had hoped for.  But being thankful is not just about counting our blessings. It’s about recognizing who He is and His love for us. Even when things are not going the way we had hoped for, He is still good and worthy to be praised. Without a deep relationship with the Lord, the blessings He gives you will not mean anything. You’ll always long for more because you will be dissatisfied.

How grateful you are when you have little, and when you have a lot are equally important. The latter can prove to show just how much faith you have in the Lord, or shall I say lack of.

Sometimes, people tend to seek the Lord when they want something so badly, that they fail to remember Him when they receive the blessings that they had asked Him for. They lack a heart that is full of thanks because their needs were met and they feel like they no longer need Him anymore. Their relationship with Him was solely based on getting something!

The story of the ten lepers in Luke 17 is the perfect illustration of this. They saw Jesus passing through the village and they knew the “status” of Jesus- that He healed the blind, the lame, and the sick. They so badly wanted to be healed too, so they cried out to Him “Jesus, Master, have pity on us”. Jesus told them to go see the priests so that they would be cleansed of the leprosy. They did just that and received healing but only one of the healed men came back and thanked Jesus and threw Himself at His feet and praised Him. Jesus asked where the others were since they were all healed together. Jesus knew they did not want to give praise to God and so He told that one man to rise up and go because his faith had made him well.

God examines each of our hearts- before, during and after He has given us our blessings. We have to consciously remember not to ever behave like the nine who did not come back to Jesus.

He is the same loving God yesterday, today and forever, regardless of whether you have much or little. We need to always be grateful for His love. (1).jpg

Your status, your house, your followers on social media or your material possessions are not the reasons you are considered blessed. His undying love for you and His stamp of grace over your lives is why you are blessed.

Just as we can see changes happening all around us during this season, He wants our lives to be transformed as well. So, as we step into this fall season, be intentional about having an attitude of gratitude. Truth is, we are blessed in more ways than we know or can recount. Whether we think we have plenty or not, let’s give thanks to Him with a grateful heart. He is faithful and good ALL the time.


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