To wear or not to wear?


I, like many of the women today, love to go shoppingyes, even window shopping. In my undergrad years I was always at the mall, mainly because I had a part-time job in one. But even on my days off, I would love to hang and check out the latest fashion trends. However, lately it has been dreadful to find anything to wear, let alone purchase. Continue reading “To wear or not to wear?”


Sex, love and God!

marriage verse

Now that I’ve gotten your undivided attention, let me just start off by saying that God, love and sex are all the intended components that make a marriage beautiful and purposeful. Knowing and understanding God’s intentions concerning any part of life means obtaining wholeness in that area; and I believe that nowhere is this more necessary than the sexual realm, where negative attitudes and perversions have been made allowed to destroy marriage relationships. Continue reading “Sex, love and God!”