Silence the outside noise!


It seems as though every time I turn on the news there is always noise about the worst things possible taking place in our local community and around the globe. The media is constantly bombarding our eyes and ears with countless reports of war, terrorism, homicides, missing children and the list goes on. I have seldom seen or heard of a good report on the television or the radio. Continue reading “Silence the outside noise!”


Forgiveness Sets You Free

I’m sure every one of us has been hurt by someone or offended by someone’s words or actions. And I am positive that many of us have remembered and kept some sort of record of wrong, especially if it’s the same person/people hurting us. This is why it’s so hard to let go when the offense is repeated over and over again, because you have a record of it in your mind. It’s so easy to take on the victim mentality and hold onto the bitterness that develops after being hurt by people. We end up clinging so tightly to the offences, that we automatically build barriers and walls around us and we end up having a hard time living a life of freedom, because we are so bound by these “prison walls”.

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Being a God-Fearing Woman

The role of women in society has changed with the times. Women long ago took on the role of staying at home and taking care of their families. Today, the role of women has broadened. Women have a lot of options as to what type of role they want to take in their career and raising their families. We women have more choices in how we want to be portrayed compared to the women from decades ago. Women even have the choice of choosing career and not getting married or getting married at a later age. On top of all of these, the media tries to fashion the way an attractive woman should look like. There is a lot of talk on what is considered attractive from the way we dress to the way we talk.

But as a child of God, the most important role you can take as a woman is how you are depicted in front of God. In God’s eyes, the most attractive type of woman is a God-fearing woman. This is the type of model we should be aspiring towards. This should be our “#womangoals”.

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Your Health Matters

New Year’s has come and gone by fast.  At the beginning of every year we all make some serious life-changing resolutions. Whether it gets done or not is another question. The number one common resolution that most people have on their list is to lose weight and maintain a good, healthy lifestyle. There are only a handful of people that are dedicated to losing the weight, staying active and getting healthy over the span of the year.  These people have reaped tremendous health benefits as a result.  However, most of the individuals who start off the year with good intentions struggle to get active and healthy.

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