Confessions of an ex-shopaholic!


You’re probably wondering why I’m writing about financial management and what it has to do with God? Let me tell you, financial management and using God’s money the right way has everything to do with our faith. God wants us to be financially responsible with the money that He has blessed us with, whether it is from a job He gave you, or any form of income that you receive that you don’t have to owe back. Continue reading “Confessions of an ex-shopaholic!”


Marriage in Christ!

Marriage is a sacred union that occurs between a man and a woman, with God at the centre. It is the union of two individuals that come together in Holy Matrimony to publically declare their love for each other before God and man. Marriage is a life long commitment and the most intimate relationship that God gives to a man and a woman.  The covenant brings two people together in a deeper level of love and faithfulness to each other and to God.

Continue reading “Marriage in Christ!”

Me, Myself and Pride!


It’s pretty evident that we live in a society that promotes the “me-first” syndrome: Pride. It leads people to seek recognition to exalt ones self, it treats others unfairly, it accepts no responsibility for wrongdoing, it speaks constantly without listening, and is only concerned with self. Whether you want to admit it or not, pride infects us all. Those that don’t recognize it in themselves, likely have a higher degree of it. Continue reading “Me, Myself and Pride!”