Guest Post: “God’s plan is always perfect!”


Last year February 2015, I received the life changing news I was going to have a baby. This was something my husband and I had been praying about for a while and I remember being beyond excited when we received the news. We had been praying and believing God for a baby and it seemed like the perfect timing. It was all coming together and we excitedly started discussing all the things expecting parents would look forward to, picking names, whether it would be a girl or a boy, fixing up the baby’s room and reading up everything on having a healthy pregnancy. Continue reading “Guest Post: “God’s plan is always perfect!””


Overcoming insecurities!


Age.Weight.Beauty.Intellect.Career. Money. Love.These are just a few of the most common insecurities that we as women struggle with throughout our lifetime. Why do we as women of God, knowing that we are made perfect in His image, knowing that He has already laid a straight path for us, struggle with these insecurities? Continue reading “Overcoming insecurities!”