Finding Assurance in Jesus Alone- Santhia’s Testimony

I grew up in a partial Hindu and partial Christian home where my mum was a born again Christian and my dad was a Hindu. I witnessed horrendous feuds between my mum and dad due to her attending church, which was not accepted in the family. It made me hate my dad so much that I was unable to have a normal father daughter relationship with him. My grandma used to take me to Hindu temples and this led me to take part in all the religious rituals. When I came home from the temple, my mum and my aunt’s used to cut the ties and prayed for the blood of Jesus to cover me.  Continue reading “Finding Assurance in Jesus Alone- Santhia’s Testimony”


Guest Post: Waiting Patiently on God

When we want something so badly, waiting can be a very difficult thing. Instead of waiting, we usually want things NOW. And when things do not go the way we expected it to, then we get upset with God. We need to learn to trust God with His timing, instead of always wanting things according to our timing, or wondering when God’s time will come. When we trust God, we will have peace in us. Continue reading “Guest Post: Waiting Patiently on God”

Criticizing with Love

Critical and harsh words can sometimes, more often than not, hurt us deeply. If we give it power, it can affect our lives. Have you ever been victimized by harsh criticism? Or let me ask you this, have you ever been the one giving harsh criticism? If you answered yes to both these questions, join to the club. I’ve been there and still struggle with giving criticism sometimes. There is nothing wrong with giving criticism, in fact sometimes, when we understand it, it is intended to help us. What can we do to criticize with love, in other words give positive criticism? Continue reading “Criticizing with Love”