When He Says Go

Canada will be celebrating 150 years this July 1st, and I am so grateful to be Canadian. It has been such a blessing living in a beautiful country such as this!!

My family migrated to Canada about 31 years ago because they had to flee their war torn country; Sri Lanka. As a result, l was born in beautiful Montreal in 1987. Because of the sacrifices my parents made, my sister and I were able to have a better life. I will never know what it is like to leave everything I’ve ever known behind, and step into a foreign country and start over. I can only imagine what their thoughts and anxieties might have been every step of the way.

They tried to adapt to their surroundings but found it difficult to learn French, so they ended up moving to Toronto shortly after. Although they faced many hardships here, nothing was in comparison to what their life would have been if they had stayed in Sri Lanka during the time of war. They pressed on despite the language barrier, the culture shock, and basically had to start from the bottom. We didn’t have much at all while I was growing up, and because of that I never take things for granted and have a heart for those that are without.

Genesis 12One thing I know for sure is that although my parents did not know what their future held, they wanted a better life for each of us and pursued to take their journey across the world, with nothing but hope. I am forever grateful that Canada offered them a freedom that we never would have experienced had we stayed in Sri Lanka.

Every time I think of my parents leaving Sri Lanka, I cant help but be reminded of what God told Abraham in Genesis 12:1 “Go out from your country, your people, from your fathers house, to a land I will show you”.

This is literally what it looks like to get out of your comfort zone!!

Is God telling you to get out of your comfort zone? Has He told you to “GO” but you are too scared to because you don’t know what the future holds.

It requires a great deal of faith to follow the leading of the Lord. Not knowing where He is taking you can be frightening, but just know that He always has His best in mind for you.

I had to make a decision to step out of my comfort zone not too long ago as well. My family lived in the same neighborhood for over 20 years so it is safe to say that I was very comfortable and content. Just before my husband and I got married, five years ago, I felt as though the Lord told me He was going to take me to a land I did not know. Away from my parents and everything I was used to. Although my journey was not thousands of miles away, those 60 km sure seemed liked a lot to me. I had many questions and felt uncomfortable with the unknown. But all that changed the day I moved into my new house and new city this past March. I was praying during our car ride there and felt an overwhelming sense of peace that consumed every inch of me. The peace that can only be given by God. I was reassured that He is with us, and this move was part of His plan for our lives as well as to impact the lives of those around us in our community. His peace and assurance answered the questions I had. My husband, my daughter and I were ready for this new destination.

So if God is saying Go, don’t say no!! His faithfulness is everlasting. Some decisions you make in your life require a great deal of faith and obedience because it will catapult you and your family into your destinies. Just know that the same God who creatively knit you together in your mothers womb, has a great plan and creative purpose for your life even now. Even when things seem hard or uncomfortable, just trust Him. He will never let you down.


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