Guest Post: As far as the East from the West


“He has removed our sins as far from us as the east is from the west.” – Psalm 103:12

This is a verse I am sure many of you know well. Even if you didn’t know it was from the Bible, I am sure you have sung it in a song at church. But have you ever wondered, how far the east really is from the west? This verse doesn’t even specify which east and west it is talking about. Do we measure from the east end of the earth to the west end of the earth? Or perhaps we should go even wider and measure the east end of the universe from the west end of the universe. That would be quite a challenging task, wouldn’t it?

No matter what context we take it in, everyone knows that the east and the west are opposites. They can never meet!

Now I want you to think of you being in the east, and all your sins (yes even the ones you still feel guilty about) being in the west. That means you will never have to be guilty of your past sins again. God has forgiven and removed them from you. Isn’t that amazing news?
Yet, we struggle to accept this. We believe this forgiveness is true for everyone else but we think it cannot be so for us. We still have those deep dark secrets that haunt us.
I struggled with this for a long time. Every time I sinned, I felt that God was mad at me and that I had lost my salvation. I felt that I needed to accept Christ again and start my walk with Him all over again. I would feel guilty and condemned until I felt His presence while worshiping him. Once I felt His presence, I would be happy until I committed another sin, which usually wasn’t very long. The guilt would then cause me to lose my joy and I would be back in the vicious cycle again.

I battled with this, even to the point where I thought I wouldn’t make it into heaven. Then one day, I was listening to a sermon online, and God started speaking clearly to me through her. She was speaking about struggling with exactly what I was going through. As I listened, I realized that there was nothing that could steal my salvation and that all my sins were forgiven and forgotten. It was a mindset I had to get freed from.
Even though my mind was now aware of this, it took much longer for my heart to accept it. I had to continue filling my mind with verses that talked about God’s forgiveness, love and mercy.


As time went by, it got easier for me to accept that Christ loves me no matter what. The best part was realizing that God already knows every mistake I will make in the future, and yet He wants to be in a relationship with me.

No matter what bag of skeletons you have hiding in your closet, remember that if you confess your sins and are truly sorry for committing them, God has forgiven and forgotten them. He loves you for who you are. So you can walk around confident that the Savior of this world loves you and is not mad at you.

-Salome Shan


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