Bless the Lord, Oh my soul!


A few months ago, I began experiencing some concerning health related issues, which I was unable to identify. After many episodes of pain and visits to the doctor’s office as well as the hospital, I discovered what my “problem/sickness” really was related to.  Long story short, I can no longer eat things containing wheat or gluten-in other words, I need to live a gluten free lifestyle. It is also known as celiac disease or a wheat allergy; which occurs when the body can no longer breakdown the gluten after consumption.  Therefore, because it affects the small intestines there is no solution for this particular disease, the only option is to go gluten free and change my lifestyle altogether- forever! Now let me tell you, being a lover of all things bread and pasta, that was not an easy choice. However, in order to prevent other problems from occurring internally, I had to change my eating habits.  Continue reading “Bless the Lord, Oh my soul!”