Only More of Him – Rebecca’s Testimony

“No one to turn to, that’s when I met you…” (All this time – Britt Nicole)

My name is Rebecca and this is my story.

I grew up in a Christian home. My mom got saved when she was 19 and my dad was brought up in a Christian home. That being said, we still had a lot of cultural influences and Tamil traditions that were part of my upbringing.

My family and I went to church every week and I was always part of Sunday school.  Friends that knew me as a child remember my strong Christian beliefs. I always knew I was serving the one true God and that Jesus died for me.

Jesus has been an active part of my life since the very beginning. But I started to seek God even more when I started to face rejection and loneliness in junior high.  This is when I started writing letters to God. Although it was a painful season, it made me seek the Lord more and more. I made the decision for Christ to always be in my heart and life no matter what came my way.

My biggest challenge as I grew older, was to stand up for my faith in Christ among my dearest friends and family. I struggled with relationships and became a people pleaser. But there came a point in my life where I wanted to please God above everything and everyone else.

During the low points in my life, I had very real and intimate encounters with the Lord. When I was 15 I felt the Holy Spirit so strongly when I was praying and a year later I received the gift of tongues at a special meeting at my church.  I learned to hold on to my faith and stand up for Christ in a way that glorified God while still being peaceful. I sought the Lord in prayer in all things because I need him.

There were some personal struggles I had to go through in high school in terms of my identity and relationships at home, church and school. I felt unworthy because I measured my value in what others thought about me and what I thought about myself.

I didn’t know who I was and what I wanted. I made the error of letting my past sins define my identity that was really found in Christ.

The first letters I wrote to God in 7th grade were negative as I just told God how I felt point blank with no filter. But the Holy Spirit convicted me. I started to have a deep reverence for the Holy Spirit, Jesus …God. I started to write uplifting songs through the Spirit and God has used these to touch lives and draw people to His kingdom.

My faith deepened as God revealed his love to me in countless ways. It didn’t matter who my parents were, or where my family was from, or what I’ve done. Jesus came to die for me and He would do it all over again if He had to. This truth convicted my heart and my love for Him deepens daily. He’s my Saviour, my Father, my Best Friend and Comforter.

People ask me why I still believe and why I hold on to Him so closely. But how can I not, when He faithfully walked with me all this time. My failures and struggles made me discover the true need for God on my worst days and on my best days. He is the reason I live. 

I am now married to the love of my life and best friend, who I am blessed to do life with. Interestingly enough, my husband has been constant in my life through all of this “growing up” I had to do and when I look back I realize that he was my angel in disguise. He has always helped me be a better person in Christ and it’s amazing how God puts the right people in your life at the right time. God has a way of making all things work out for good for His children – I am blessed to be His daughter.

Romans 8:28

This is my story.


-Rebecca Ravindran


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