Purify My Heart!

Do you filter your water?

Our drinking water is already filtered in Canada, but still many of us use bottled waters or filter our tap water with  purifiers. We don’t necessarily see anything in the water or physically react to “tap water” but we feel the need to further cleanse it.

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Watch Your Mouth

I think it’s safe to say that we women, more often than men, have a tendency to speak before we actually think about what we want to say. I am definitely guilty of that.  For some of us, our words and even our tone changes if we are, what is now referred to as ‘hangry’ (anger caused by hunger). We say things when we are upset; when its leading up to that ‘time of the month’; when we don’t get enough sleep; when we don’t feel well-the list is endless. And the worst part is sometimes we make up excuses for the wrong things we’ve said, when essentially we should apologize, repent and ask God to give us the grace needed to overcome by taking control of our tongue and the words that proceed from our mouth. Continue reading “Watch Your Mouth”


         I was very popular in my teenage years. I had many friends no matter what religion, no matter what gender, friends were my life. I loved my friends so much I would do anything for them. I cared for them, I’ve prayed for them but that didn’t mean I lived a separate life from them. Although I loved Jesus very much, I was not willing nor completely able to sacrifice my fun for Him. I got into a lot of trouble, I lied, I cheated and I was selfish, very selfish. I knew God had a great plan for me but I was not ready to hear it.

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