Silence the outside noise!


It seems as though every time I turn on the news there is always noise about the worst things possible taking place in our local community and around the globe. The media is constantly bombarding our eyes and ears with countless reports of war, terrorism, homicides, missing children and the list goes on. I have seldom seen or heard of a good report on the television or the radio.

What is worse is that people are listening to what’s taking place but seem un-phased. In fact, it seems as though society has become so accustomed to hearing bad news that it has been accepted as ‘the norm’.

Sadly, the events occurring around us may seem like a normal reality for some but I refuse to let it overtake the powerful message of the cross. The bible states “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God” (1 Cor 1:18). The message of the cross will always be the only GOOD NEWS available to humanity.


God extended grace to us by sending His son Jesus to die for our sins so that we would be reconciled with Him. Putting faith in Christ to make things right again gives us hope for what is to come; a perfect future in an unblemished world. The current state of the world will not last forever. People need to be reminded that this world and its desires are passing away. What we see and feel today is temporary, but what we do not see is eternal and that is something we can wait with great anticipation for!

Think of anything in this world that you wish you could change (I’m not referring to a person btw). Now think of a place with perfect peace and harmony. Even the very thought of that is hard to imagine because we do not know what that looks like. Ideally, we want all to be well in our world. We want love instead of hate, healing for sickness, joy for sorrow, life for death. And someday soon Christ will bring us to this place of absolute bliss; Heaven. But in the meantime, while we are still on this journey we must keep our eternal focus of heaven in mind, while we are being faced with the hardships and struggles of everyday life.

We cannot ignore what is taking place around us because we are here to make a difference. When the entire world is moping around in sadness and despair, show sympathy to them but do not let your joy turn bitter. Your attitude should not be one that is hopeless like the rest of the people who are hurting, but instead we must remain steadfast in the joy of the LORD. Place your hope in Him when everything else seems lost. Jesus is our strong tower, run to Him when you feel unsafe. He is also our advocate when justice needs to be served. When people reject us, He sticks closer than a brother. When you hear of painful stories of heartache and trouble, remember that Jesus is your portion.

In this world, the events in our lives tend to have a way of taking us so high one day, only to drop us down so hard the next; it’s like a crazy roller-coaster ride. This is why we cannot put our trust in the things around us or in the recent news displayed, but rather hold steadfast to the only thing that pushes us to keep going; it is the good news of Jesus who loves us and who’s coming back for us someday soon. This is the good news we must share with everyone around us and silence out every other report.


~Jasmin Edward-Sribavan


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