Life’s To-Do List vs You

Is it just me or do you find that your days are flying by? The to do list keeps getting longer and longer no matter how much you tick off the things you’ve already done! Lately, I’ve been finding myself keeping busy; and I’m not even trying. It’s as if I don’t know how to sit still and relax, take a breather. There’s always something on the go! Cooking, cleaning, laundry, dishes, groceries, this appointment, that appointment, just to list a few. And I haven’t even mentioned building/growing relationships in that list. All this with a full time job? – oh boy. I feel like I’m drowning just thinking about it.

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Access to Jesus

I have the tendency to go over my data limit on my phone.  Even though I have a great plan, I find myself going over the limit.  So when I spot unlimited WIFI usage at any given place where I will be staying long,  I am quick to connect my phone to it.  It’s a sigh of relief knowing that I have unlimited access to WiFi and don’t have to worry about my phone being over charged or anything of that sort. Continue reading “Access to Jesus”

Finding Assurance in Jesus Alone- Santhia’s Testimony

I grew up in a partial Hindu and partial Christian home where my mum was a born again Christian and my dad was a Hindu. I witnessed horrendous feuds between my mum and dad due to her attending church, which was not accepted in the family. It made me hate my dad so much that I was unable to have a normal father daughter relationship with him. My grandma used to take me to Hindu temples and this led me to take part in all the religious rituals. When I came home from the temple, my mum and my aunt’s used to cut the ties and prayed for the blood of Jesus to cover me.  Continue reading “Finding Assurance in Jesus Alone- Santhia’s Testimony”