Watch Your Mouth

I think it’s safe to say that we women, more often than men, have a tendency to speak before we actually think about what we want to say. I am definitely guilty of that.  For some of us, our words and even our tone changes if we are, what is now referred to as ‘hangry’ (anger caused by hunger). We say things when we are upset; when its leading up to that ‘time of the month’; when we don’t get enough sleep; when we don’t feel well-the list is endless. And the worst part is sometimes we make up excuses for the wrong things we’ve said, when essentially we should apologize, repent and ask God to give us the grace needed to overcome by taking control of our tongue and the words that proceed from our mouth.

Ultimately the words we speak stems from what is deeply rooted within us. Jesus said in in Luke 6:45 ‘For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks’. In other words what you feel in your heart is a reflection of your thoughts which than becomes the words you speak.  I remember reading once that the heart is like a fountain and the words are the streams. So if we use that analogy –if the heart is corrupt, filled with lust, lies, deceit, slander, gossip and all kinds of evil –it is likened to a muddy fountain. You cannot expect to go retrieve fresh water from a muddy fountain.  So in essence we need to analyze whether our hearts are in a right place with God. We need to ask ourselves whether our heart really is clean, and if so, our words will follow in the same manner. Christ taught this truth on countless occasions-He mentioned to the Pharisees that it’s not about the ritual of washing hands before eating the meal that matters as much as what is coming out of the persons mouth that is making them unclean. Many of us need to be corrected in this area because we take our words very lightly as though it has no value or consequence.

We throw around our words carelessly without weighing the affects it has on our lives, let alone the lives of others.  For by your words you shall be justified and by your words you shall be condemned” Matthew 12:37. OneLuke6.45 day you will stand accountable before God, for not only your actions but also for the things that you have said. God esteems our words very highly; He does not play around with words, as people so casually do- for by His words all things came into existence, when He spoke it into the atmosphere it came to be. God’s word is life giving and in the same manner we have that same power, seeing as we are created in the image of God. Therefore we should watch what we say that much more. For when you speak things into the atmosphere you give it life or even death, Proverbs 18:21. God’s word is full of this truth and He places great emphasis and value on the importance of our words because it will ultimately steer the course of our lives. And if we are not careful with our words it could be the sin in our lives causing a stumbling block, which may perhaps be preventing us from receiving God’s richest blessings. For some of us females it would be wise for us to stay quiet, especially during times when we feel the itch to speak when we know we really shouldn’t. It goes back to the old saying ‘if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all’. If we talk too much, sin is not absent because when we are constantly running our mouth we are prone to saying something foolish which we may later regret.

Even though it may be easier to say whatever we are feeling during an argument or a disagreement, from today onward let’s try our best to filter our thoughts before making a confession. I understand that it’s a hard battle which may require fasting and prayer, but it is essential to our walk with God-especially if we want to change for the better. Make it a habit not to let any unclean words or foolish talk proceed from your mouth. Rather like the Psalmist said in 141:3, let it also be your prayer – that God would set a guard over your mouth and keep watch the doors of your lips.


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