I was very popular in my teenage years. I had many friends no matter what religion, no matter what gender, friends were my life. I loved my friends so much I would do anything for them. I cared for them, I’ve prayed for them but that didn’t mean I lived a separate life from them. Although I loved Jesus very much, I was not willing nor completely able to sacrifice my fun for Him. I got into a lot of trouble, I lied, I cheated and I was selfish, very selfish. I knew God had a great plan for me but I was not ready to hear it.

          I was too busy with my own life I did not have time for God. There were so many things that happened, and at a point in my life I did not want to live anymore. I was going through so many things I felt like I was alone I didn’t have anyone to help me. I didn’t have anyone I could look up to or confide in. My Christian friends who I thought I could look up to; gave me advice like, “everyone does it, but no-one talks about it.” Now looking back, I realize that God was there regardless of my decisions, waiting for me to call out to Him for help.
          I was too ashamed to go to God; I thought it wouldn’t be fair to God because I got myself into all this mess. I even told God to give up on me because I felt like I deserved to go to hell for not being able to change my ways. But God did not give up on me; He waited patiently and protected me in so many ways; now that I think about it, the situations could have been so much worse if He wasn’t there. How can God love me so much even though I repeatedly disobeyed Him? That is my God. He is merciful and forgiving; He changed me with His love and grace. He knew what I needed to go through in my life to mold me into the person He destined me to be.
          We all have short-comings, we all sin. To get out of sin is the greatest test, and guess what, you don’t have to do it on your own. The secret I learned is that this is not my war. We are born of sin, this world is – sin. We are going to be exposed to sin no matter what; the flesh is weak. We are God’s children, who can come against us when Christ is for us? Know that we cannot loose because Jesus has already given us victory on the cross. The devil is trying to play mind games with us making us think that we are lower than who we really are. We must realize that we are princesses in the Kingdom of God, the battle is God’s and the victory is ours. You are like a lamb that fell in filth and not like a pig that dwells in filth.  Shake off the filth and get out of the dirt, this is not the place for you.
Ask God to cleanse you and guess what – He will.Psalm 103_12
Don’t look back at what you have done; it says in Psalms 103:12, “As far as the east is from the west, so far has he removed our transgressions from us.” He remembers our sins no more. The more you desire for sin the more you can’t get out of it. In Proverbs 14:16 it says, “The wise fear the Lord and shun evil, but a fool is hotheaded and yet feels secure.” The Bible tells us to shun evil and hate sin. When you come to the point where you hate the sin you thought you couldn’t get out of because you loved it so much, you know that God is working within you. You have been delivered from your bondage of sins through the blood of Jesus Christ.
          Spend more time in His presence, you will start hating sin. Spend more time in His word, you will start hating sin. The closer you get to someone, their characters rubs off on you. Who do you want to get closer to? Get closer to the one who will save you from damnation. Create a strong relationship with Jesus Christ. It takes time to get to know someone, take that time and effort to get to know Jesus. Believe me; He is much more worth knowing than anyone in this world. He is the WAY the TRUTH and the LIFE. When we live in sin we cannot clearly see Jesus therefore we cannot see the WAY back to God. We cannot see the TRUTH, we assume the lies around us are the truth but it is not and we cannot see LIFE because sin gives birth to death (James 1:15). If Jesus can change my life He can change yours too. I am transformed by Him and I could never be the same again. My hope and my prayer is that in everything you do, put your trust in the Lord and he will guide your path and change your life for the better. He will give you everlasting hope and the kind of peace that surpasses understanding. Amen.
-Nisha Nathis

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