New Year, New Me? But where do I start?

We have officially “settled” into the New Year, and some of us may already be struggling in achieving our New Year’s resolutions.

We have goals and aspirations we hope to achieve this year…it could be something small, like eating healthier, or something even bigger, like finishing a school program successfully.
In any case, why do we struggle to meet these goals?
Often it is because we don’t know where to start.

I am not sure what goals and dreams you hope to fulfill this year, but God is speaking very clearly about one thing.
There are certain goals in our life that we can only fulfill once we choose to forgive people in our life that have been weighing us down.

I know some of you may be thinking, forgiveness, really? But how does it relate?

The truth is, unforgiveness really does block us from living an enriched life. There is so much potential in our life, but unforgiveness is blocking us from reaching the dreams that God has for us.


I encourage you to release the people in your life that may have hurt you.
Many times, even in my own life, it is so difficult to forgive/release those that hurt you because there is no reconciliation and it is a repeated offence. But the truth is, Jesus expects more from me, and more from you!
In fact, He tells us to forgive ’seventy times seven’ (Matthew 18:22).
The moment we forgive, we receive freedom and the ability to move on to the next level God has for us.

This is the year of breakthrough and new beginnings, so I encourage you to let go and let God.
Let’s allow Him to take our pain and hurt and replace it with joy and a redefined purpose.

We will begin to see miracles in our life and answered prayers, the moment we forgive.
I know it isn’t easy, but we are doing ourselves a favour when we forgive.

I pray that God gives you strength and mends your heart with His unconditional love, as you take these steps to forgive.
Forgiveness is what saved us from eternal death, and today, it will be the answer to your breakthrough.



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