What does Christmas mean to you?


The malls are decked out with Christmas lights, all the retailers’ window displays read SALE SALE SALE, and everyone is rushing through the cash registers to get their shopping done. The hustle and bustle during this time of year is real and we see it or hear about it every day. This is Christmas for most of the world, but what is Christmas about for you?

Every year it feels as though the meaning of Christmas is lost more and more and people’s heads are bombarded with what the media portrays Christmas to be about; shopping, visiting the mall to get gifts, Christmas markets, etc. but nowhere in there do I see a mention of Jesus. We know that Jesus is the reason for the season, but the world is forgetting about the Saviour. Soon, I feel like the Gen Z kids will entirely forget the true meaning of Christmas all together.

Before my family and I came to know and accept the Lord, we “celebrated” Christmas as much as the next person. We put up a tree, we bought presents and had family dinner around the table. Now, after our salvation, we still put up a Christmas tree, we still do buy presents (although now it’s mainly for the nieces & nephews in our lives), and we still have family dinner around the table, BUT now we actually go to Church to worship Jesus on His birthday, we give thanks for all the God has done for us in the year, and we share the love of Christ to others around us. That’s the difference. We might still do the traditions that we used to do before we got saved, but now we celebrate it with purpose and knowing the true meaning of Christmas. We understand Jesus’ birth and why He came to earth; to save the sinners of the world. So it reads, “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son, that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.”-John 3.16. The same miracle working God that gave Mary a baby boy can work miracles in your lives as well if you trust Him and have faith in who He is.




As the year ends, let’s also reflect on the wonderful things that Christ has done for us. Whether it’s saving you from making a big mistake or helping you learn from one. Whether it’s finding the love of your life that God ordained for you, or realizing you need to spend more time with Jesus, just you and Him. The list can go and on. Although I may not know all the great things and realizations that happened to you this year, I encourage you to share it with others so you can shed a light in their life but most importantly shed the light of Christ in their life.

Let’s take a breather and slow down this Christmas. Stop and smell the flowers or rather, stop and watch the snow fall I should say. Share with someone who Jesus is to you and what He’s done for you this year. It can very well change someone’s life.

Stay safe & stay blessed.


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