Guest post: Nothing but the BLOOD OF JESUS


On the night of November 7th I was awakened by a bad dream about my mom, and instead of going back to sleep I decided to go into my spare bedroom to pray.  What I heard from the Holy Spirit inspired me to write this blog.


When I got saved in 2001, I was quickly exposed to a world I did not know existed… the Christian world! Conferences, music, events, tongues, fellowingshipping (even the word fellowshipping lol)… But it was the change in my language that was apparent to my close family and friends. No more swearing, instead saying things like “confirmation, divine appointment, intercession” etc.  One saying in particular I learned was “plead the Blood”, I learned to say this during prayer and declaration without really understanding the dynamic force behind it.  Even after years of studying God’s Word, I have yet to learn the fullness of “pleading the Blood”.


That night, I sat on the floor waiting for the Holy Spirit to bring intercession for my mom and the words that began to flood from my mouth was “the Blood, the Blood”! After praying for the people that were put in my heart I asked the Lord to explain His Blood afresh to me.  Christianity 101 commonly teaches us the Blood that Jesus shed on the cross is our triumph, without the acknowledgment of the Blood of Jesus there is no life in our prayer, preachings, or churches.  We are all made known pretty early in our walk what John the Revelator wrote, they overcome him by the Blood of the Lamb and because of the word of their testimony,Revelation 12:11. But who can completely understand the atomic power of the Blood of Jesus Christ?  It has the power to do far beyond what we have experienced in our spiritual walk!


But there is more to understand then simply declaring “the Blood of Jesus”!  There is a quote from Galileo that states “All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them.”  Although this quote is secular, it bares true.  When you truly discover the greatness of the Blood your entire existence changes.  Satan is not afraid of you, but is afraid of the Blood that covers you and is running through your spiritual veins.  The chains of satan, the slave master, are utterly pulverized at the mention of the Blood because of its power and glory, the Blood of Jesus speaks victory, triumph and freedom to fear, sickness, poverty, sin and the guilt of the past.  So go ahead use this revelation in your prayer time, everyday and night plead the Blood of Jesus, by faith over every person, thing and atmosphere!


Life is in the Blood, Lev 17:11, physically the only part of your anatomy that moves is your blood in your arteries and veins.  It circulates approximately every 23 seconds bringing oxygen, nutrients and cleansing throughout your body, when the blood stops moving in your body, you are dead! My point is a Bloodless theology is a dead theology.  Bloodless prayer is dead prayer.  Bloodless testimony is dead testimony, there is no power in positive thinking; just thinking while covered under the Blood of Jesus! Some of you may be asking why I am so boldly declaring this, well its 15 years of studying God’s Word, and the nights when the power of darkness attacks my sleep the only prayer that has caused darkness to disperse is not worship, but pleading the Blood of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ the Saviour!  In the Old Testament, without the shedding of an animal’s blood the wrath of God was poured out on man, but after the Cross, as we boldly declare the Blood the wrath of God is poured out on all the bondages of the enemy.


So I dare you declare the Blood of Jesus everyday over everything that means something to you because Blood speaks to God, Hebrew 12:24– …to the sprinkled blood that speaks a better word than the blood of Abel.


Oh, precious is the flow
That makes me white as snow
No other fount I know
Nothing but the blood of Jesus
Nothing but the blood of Jesus


Take good care,


Hardeep Uppal-Correia


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