My Father is rich


I wanted to share my testimony about something that I had waited five years for. God met my need at the right time, while I was at a very low point. He came through at the exact time.

Five years ago, I finished teachers college. And ever since then, I have been trying to get a job as a teacher. I had been working part time in the evenings as a tutor. But I’d been praying for a full time job. I will not lie when I say that there were times during this wait that I got very frustrated. It was hard while I was in the midst of the waiting game. But I still continued to pray for God to open the right door at the right time.


In August, God finally opened a door for me to supply teach at a private school. God brought the right connections and made this happen for me. The school told me that they would start calling me whenever they needed me for supply teaching starting in September. So, I had that lined up for me for September. It wasn’t the proper full time job I wanted but I was glad to take anything at this point.


My husband and I spent our summer opening up our home to many youth from our Church who needed a place to come spend their time because of various things going on in their lives. We spent a lot of time and energy with these young people and we were so glad to be helping them. But on this specific Monday morning in the beginning of September, my husband and I were talking before he went to work. We just felt like we were investing so much energy on our youth ministry and had opened up our home. And even though we enjoyed doing all of that, we were so tired of our financial situation. Without me having a full time job, it was getting really hard for us. My husband was feeling very down as he left for work that day. After he left, I just sat and I cried to my God asking Him why we were in this situation. Why was God not coming through for us when we were doing so much for Him? And at that time, I heard my father in Heaven speak to me very clearly and say “I am your father and I am really rich. I own everything. Why are you so worried? All you have to do is just ask me.” As soon as I heard my God speak to me, I stopped crying and I just started asking Him to help us financially and to do something for us. After this, I was getting ready to go out and run some errands. And at this point, I felt God remind me that it is at our lowest point that God performs a miracle and comes through.

Just as I had that thought in my mind, my phone rang and it was the private school that had hired me as a supply teacher. My immediate thought was that they were calling me to ask if I could come in to supply. I picked up the phone. That was the call that changed everything for us. I got offered a full time job as teacher at the school. I just remember calling my husband soon after and he was in tears. Our God had come through for us at the right time. The day that began as a depressing day turned into the day that we had been waiting five years for.


Ladies, I just want you to remember today that our Father in Heaven owns everything. He is so rich. So, no matter what you’re worried about today, just remember that He can provide. But He always likes to come through at the right time. Our job while waiting is to keep trusting in Him and knowing that He will open that door for us at the appointed time. I don’t know exactly why God made me wait five years. But I do know that He was preparing me and molding me during those years. If I had gotten this job five years ago, I wouldn’t have appreciated it like the way I do now. I don’t complain about anything related to this job because I know how long I’ve waited for this. I enjoy this job so much. God knows when to come through. He is our rich father. He owns everything. But He will give us what we need according to His appointed times. So do not worry and do not stress. Just ask Him and then wait for Him to give it to you in His perfect time!


One thought on “My Father is rich

  1. Jasmin

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful story of God’s faithfulness and how awesome He truly is!…I was in the same shoes as you waiting for 2 1/2 almost 3 years for a job as well and it was the hardest time financially. It was also a refining period; I’m so grateful for a job that I don’t complain even when others around me do. I know the struggle and it’s real but realer than that is My God-He never fails xo


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