I connect…


God basically told us in the beginning of the Bible that it is not good for us to be alone. He gave Adam a companion – Eve. In the same way, God does not intend for us to go through life’s walk alone. Instead, He wants us to be connected with other Christians, through a local church, a small group, prayer group/book club etc.

Connection is so important and vital to our Christian walk. Without connecting you don’t really grow. Hear me out. We can get so used to being in our comfort zone. We go to church, listen to the sermon, go home and go on with our day, BUT God wants more from us and for us. He wants us to connect with the people that we worship alongside with. He wants us to serve where we push our limits beyond what we think it is and go for a ride with Him- see where He wants to take us. The song “You Make Me Brave”, by Bethel , stuck to me like glue as soon as I heard it – “You call me out beyond the shores into the waves.” You see, I am a social butterfly so naturally I want to interact with people. My husband on the other hand is a quiet soul, socializing literally exhausts him. We are trying to find our medium where we can both connect to the church and serve together and it’s hard because of our extreme personalities.

Before I got married, I was leading a small group, I was on the worship team, I was always connecting. It was almost second nature to me. As my husband and I are still adjusting to being newly married, we haven’t really connected to our church and I realize now how important it really is! So to say – things need to change! You also need to connect because you’ll always have a group of people who you can turn to when times get tough, when you need prayer. I’m not saying God doesn’t hear your prayer, but imagine if there was an entire army praying and interceding for you as well – it can get real powerful!

I love serving the community in different seasons, and the church is a great way for you to connect with your city and get to know a lot of different people and their stories, as well as their struggles. You can be a part of that change in their lives. I encourage you to connect with your local church, serve at your local church and see the difference in your experience from merely just going to church. It really is life changing.



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