Do you revere God?

fear of the lord

As disciples of God, we are taught to obey God and honour Him with our lives. An important aspect of our walk with God is reverence for Him. Everything we do as children of our God should come out of reverence for Him. So what does the word reverence really mean?

This word occurs from different translations in the old and new testaments. In the old testament, this word is translated from two Hebrew words “yare” and “shachah”. The root meaning of the word “yare” is fear and the root meaning of the word “shachah” is “falling down”. In the new testament, the word “reverence” is translated from three Greek words which are “aidos”, “phobeomai” and “entrepomai” which mean modesty, fear and being put to shame (because you feel so inferior to someone much higher) respectfully. So, we see that having reverence for God means that we see Him as such a high being that we can do nothing but bow down to Him. It means that we have that fear to be in His presence out of respect for how great He is. And as Christians, we know that God is everywhere and He sees everything we do on a daily basis. So the lives we live should reflect our reverence for Him. When we make decisions everyday, we have to acknowledge that our great God is watching us. Do we stop to consider that with every decision we make? Do our decisions reflect our fear for Him? If you answered no to these questions, then it is time to question how much reverence you give to God.

fear of the Lord1.png
Reverence for God also means being respectful of everything that He has created. When we step outside, we see so much of what God has created. Do you just stop to take in that our God created the trees, the seas, the lake, the flowers and all the other things of nature that we see around us? I am not an outdoor person, but when I think of how God created all these things, I can do nothing but stand there in awe. When I see the different animals running around, I am amazed at how God gave life to these creatures. These are all God’s creation. This means that we respect that and respect everything that He has created. We are not to abuse any of God’s creation. If you were to enter the white house, you would be so respectful of everything that the president owns. You would not want to destroy or damage anything. You do this out of respect for the president. In the same way, we are to respect everything that God owns out of reverence for Him.

Another way to show reverence for God is when we come to church. If we are so in awe of who God is, then we will not be able to stand still during worship. You will naturally want to sing, dance, raise your hands and bow down to the King. You won’t be able to just stand fear of thelordthere with your hands crossed. You won’t want to be talking to the person beside you. All you would want to do is just focus on Him and worship Him because you will be in awe of who He is. When the preacher is speaking, you would want to pay attention because you want to learn more about God and who He is. When someone is praying, you will be respectful of that because you know it is a conversation they are having with God almighty. You will feel guilty to be talking or laughing around during this time. These are areas that many of seem to be losing in. We think we love God but we don’t have enough of that reverence for Him. We just seem so lazy and tired when we come to Church. We are not really stopping to think of how great and amazing our God is. We will not be acting this way if we are truly in awe of who He is. And if we truly realized how Holy He is, then we would change the way we speak as well;the unwholesome talk, and cursive language should have no place in our lives.


So  ladies, if you feel like you are lacking that reverence for God, then take some time to stop and think about how great He is. Think about everything He has made. Think about how much more higher He is than any king or president of this world. He deserves more than our utmost respect. He deserves our reverence



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