Take off the masks!


She hides behind her mask, protecting her from the judgement of the world.

Pretending to be the ideal, in truth she is broken.

No one knows, but One.

He sees her true self; no judgement only unconditional love.

She sees His scars and reveals her truth only to find out,

He loved her ALL ALONG.


          How many of us pretend to be someone that we are not… with ourselves, our friends and family, and even God? This can be anything from trying to be someone you are not to pretending that you’re perfect, but as the poem I wrote above states you’re really broken. Pretending to have it all together, all the time, but in reality you are just screaming for help. Pretending to live another life to fulfill a fantasy, and really when you come home, behind closed doors you are yourself, your true self. We all have been there or maybe even going through it now.

I can tell you that I have been there too. For years, I was ashamed of the story of my salvation. I wore a mask that I hid behind and never mentioned my testimony to others. Why? Was it because I was scared of judgement from others, or was it because I was ashamed of what had happened. It was all of that, and then some. I wanted a “bubbly” story to tell people, one that didn’t draw any attention to me. Sometimes people hide their flaws and try to “dress up” a situation to try and make themselves look more appealing to others. When I look back and see it now, I realize that I was robbing God of His glory. He used someone as broken as I was to bring Glory to His name, and He wanted to use me to spread the love of Christ to other people that were also broken. So don’t ever think being someone else, or hiding your true self from others is helping you, because it’s really hurting you.

Galatians 5:1 says “It is for freedom that Christ has masks1set us free.” I love the verse that comes right after that, “Stand firm, then, and do not be encumbered once more by a yoke of slavery.” You no longer have to be a slave to someone that you are not, or someone that you are pretending to be. Be real with yourself. Be real with others. Be real with God.

Talking about someone that you are not – what about those who lead a double life? What do I mean by this? It’s easy for some people to act a certain way when they are at church surrounded by Christians, but as soon as they leave the doorsteps of the church, they turn into someone completely different. Why is that? To fit in with the people of the world? You can’t serve God and the world. Matthew 12:20 talks about this. You are either are with God or against Him. If you are not working with Him, you are working against Him. Choose a side and stick to it. You have been chosen to be the light of the world. How can people connect you with being a Christian and being a follower of Christ when your life outside of church has no connection to your faith? Think about that for a minute. Others should be able to identify you as a Christ follower without you even speaking a word. How? By your actions, by what you speak (referring to profanity or unholy things). The places you visit; the people you hang around with. Stop pleasing your way to people by trying to blend in with the standards of the world, and fix your gaze on Jesus. Be the raw you when you first discovered the Saviour.


God already knows the real you, after all, He is the one who knit you together! So you’re just wasting your time hiding yourself from God. I know sometimes we might feel ashamed of who we are and we don’t feel worthy to even stand in His presence, but that’s the beauty of His grace! His grace is sufficient enough for whatever heavy masks we wear. Being real to God and others means you have to admit that you’ve made mistakes. We’re not engineered to be perfect; if that were the case then we don’t need a Saviour. It also means that you can’t judge others, because let’s face it…we all have issues in life.

So stop playing games, don’t hide the truth, and don’t make yourself out to be what you are not. Instead, I challenge you to be honest and admit that you are not perfect. Being authentic and genuine is far greater than trying to portray yourself as someone you are not. Go ahead, say it out loud now, “I am not perfect and God says that’s perfect”. Ironic isn’t it!


-Raina Logan


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