Guest Post: “God’s plan is always perfect!”


Last year February 2015, I received the life changing news I was going to have a baby. This was something my husband and I had been praying about for a while and I remember being beyond excited when we received the news. We had been praying and believing God for a baby and it seemed like the perfect timing. It was all coming together and we excitedly started discussing all the things expecting parents would look forward to, picking names, whether it would be a girl or a boy, fixing up the baby’s room and reading up everything on having a healthy pregnancy.

At that time, we had no idea the journey God was about to take us on. It was during a routine ultrasound in the fourth month of the pregnancy that the ultrasound technician discovered an issue. I remember seeing the worried look on her face and trying to figure out what was the problem. The technician was not allowed to tell me her findings of the ultrasound but she did say I should see my doctor immediately. I remember being gripped with panic and fear and thinking just from the technician’s tone of voice something was indeed wrong. I prayed a silent prayer – God give me the strength to handle whatever my doctor is going to say. Fortunately, my doctor was just next door to the ultrasound office so I didn’t have to wait very long to see her. Even though it was just a 15 minute wait it was the longest 15 minutes of my life. All sorts of thoughts went through my head, why was this happening?

perfect godThis baby was a prayer answered, God distinctly told us this baby would be born yet here I was waiting to receive what seemed to be some bad news about our unborn child. It was then in the waiting room God brought Psalm 18:30 to my mind which states God’s way is perfect. All the Lord’s promises prove true. He is a shield for all who look to Him for protection (Psalm 18:30)

I kept saying this over and over and held on to the truth in it. Whatever it was I was going to trust in God’s perfect plan. He was fully in control at this moment and nothing that was happening here was a surprise to Him. I immediately felt stronger as I got up to go into my doctor’s office. My doctor said the ultrasound showed an anomaly in that I had a weak cervix which was already dilated suggesting I would not be able to carry this baby full term. Because of the urgency of the situation she immediately scheduled me for surgery 24 hours later. It was all happening so fast and I felt intense stress and anxiety over the possibility of losing the child we had waited so long for but I kept meditating on God’s word. He had a plan and He would protect this child. The surgery went well and the doctors placed a stitch closing the cervix. After the surgery doctors told us that if we had waited two days later we would have lost the baby or had a miscarriage. I truly believe this was God’s timing and intervention which saved our baby.

After the surgery, my doctor told me I would have to be on strict bed rest for the rest of the pregnancy. Even walking a couple of feet would be a risk as there was the possibility of the stitch breaking and us losing the baby. I would have to do everything while lying down. This included eating, having a shower, brushing my teeth all lying in a horizontal position for months! It was indeed a time of learning new skills to say the least! Even though it was very difficult,  I wanted to do everything to ensure my baby would be safe. During that time I thanked God several times for having such a committed husband who stepped up to the responsibility of doing everything I couldn’t do for myself.

pregnantHonestly, some days I was filled with fear that the stitch would break while walking to the bathroom but God kept reminding me that I wasn’t carrying this baby but He was. It was a moment by moment faith. I had to have enough faith to walk to that bathroom and back knowing my baby would be safe. God showed me that I shouldn’t be fearful because perfect love cast out fear and he was that perfect love living in me. I held on to this and declared everyday that I would not live in fear and this baby would live and not die and I chose to believe if God brought us this far He would not leave us now. Those months were a time of total dependence on God.  Even though my husband and I spent hours reading and researching on the condition of a weak cervix and what best we could do – in the end there was nothing we could do in our own strength to save this child. God was taking us both on a journey of total dependence and reliance on Him and Him alone.

During this trying time, we had many scares and trips to the emergency room at the hospital but in those moments when we felt weak God kept reminding us that He had a distinct purpose and plan for this child and there was a reason she had to be born. My husband and I held on to God’s word like never before. We surrounded ourselves with His word and meditated on His promises daily, constantly declaring them over our unborn child and our situation.

In the end, our daughter Elizabeth was born 32 weeks premature and even though this sounds challenging she was born perfectly healthy at 4.1 pounds. She was kept in the hospital for one month but God works all things for good. During this month doctors and nurses showed us everything we needed to know about taking care of her and really this was a huge blessing to us. I really saw the early arrival of our daughter as God giving us extra time to enjoy her!

I would like to encourage you that regardless of what you may going through, God has a plan and even though circumstances may appear opposite of what He said to you – don’t give up. How and when God chooses to work is entirely in His hands. Do not worry about all the intricate details because if God said it, then rest assured He will do it. His word never returns to Him void.

Today, Elizabeth is a healthy 7 month old and doctors say she doesn’t have any indication of being 32 weeks premature. God is so good and faithful and she is a true testimony that His plan above all else is always perfect.


-Paula Waheed


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