Guest post: Good News!

Ladies, this is what we’ve all been waiting for! What we call Good News is actually The Best News and humankind had been hoping and waiting for it for generations. Jesus forever fixed our broken relationships with God. We no longer have to strive in the futility of our efforts to fix something that was wrong from the get-go. No more trying to fill a God-shaped void in our hearts with things that don’t fit. This was supposed to be huge, world-wide, game-changing relief – and yet, not everyone was CC’ed on the memo.

Our ancestors did their best – this was before the internet lol. They were divinely inspired to pen/quill down the greatest collection of stories of all time. If we only sold the Holy Bible since its consolidation, (instead of sometimes distributing it for free) it would be New York Times’ #1 best seller in any category. #1 inspirational, #1 family, #1 romance, #1 adventure, #1 mystery thriller, #1 supernatural, #1 political, #1 micro finance, #1 sustainable development, #1 entrepreneurship, #1 children’s story book. The Bible is freaking awesome! There’s also an app for that if you’re so inclined…

So why am I still unsatisfied? The entire Bible is currently translated into less than 9% of the world’s living languages. This fact absolutely crushes me. What about those who have never heard? Or what’s if they’re getting gossip rag equivalents, sketchy pamphlets to join a cult or other impenitent misrepresentations? You and I, daughters, are all called to spread the Word to all peoples. We have good news The Best News and most of our fellow earth-neighbours haven’t heard the true version yet!

This next part is dangerous for me to write out publicly. More than half my life ago, I heard Him say “Go.” I have been praying for the W5H (Who, What Where When Why How) – because you shouldn’t run before God gives you the direction! I begged God to give me the lowdown and so I promised that I’d keep it on the down-low until it’s time to actually “go”.

Rev. 5:9 - He came for all nations
Rev. 5:9 – He came for all nations

Years and prayers later, the picture is becoming clearer. I stopped assuming that His calling was as limited as my own understanding and my own strength. People tell me all the time that His calling isn’t a one-time thing and that it feels like being in the army or playing organized sports. You get your instructions and you serve with all your body, heart and spirit until you get the next set of instructions!

Sorry to get so passionate on you, but my desire to serve the Lord is unquenchable. Ladies, God help me, I’m so #thirsty to go overseas and share the gospel with people who are surely more deserving than me. The love that God has for you never fails. Literally, he passes and surpasses every test you could ever throw at him. Remember the parable about the 99 sheep and that 1 that didn’t know where the H she was going? The Shepherd wasn’t about to leave a (wo)man down. It just goes to show you yet another aspect of his perfection: God won’t stop until He gets 100% (a #hunnit puh-cent) of us back.

Sisters, I am so unworthy of His love, but I finally came to terms with it: He’s not going away lol. His love has changed me and my life will be a simple but effective testimony that God doesn’t give up on us until we’re completely healed and happy in Him. God changes lives for the better and doesn’t overlook us. He’s relevant across nations and ages and regimes and pop culture references; which is funny, because God never changes! (Hebrews 13:8).

You may not be called to global missions work a.k.a. humanitarian aid a.k.a. sustainable development a.k.a. international business a.k.a. locusts & honey in the desert a.k.a. bush administration. But you are called to go and give honour to his name among all peoples. If you are moved to pray for peoples but are not led to go, subscribe to something like this. If you have a burden for a particular demographic, maybe you can find some time to volunteer or work with them. If you have a heart for Lebanese peoples, go visit a Lebanese bakery or restaurant and make friends. If you are gainfully employed, go BE like Christ so that your colleagues can watch you and witness Him for themselves.

Ask the Lord for guidance, and He will surely speak to you. You don’t have to go to the nations – a lot of us live in pretty big cities and the nations have come to us. Okay let me level with you here. My final statistic: If you know any living human beings, there is a 100.0% chance that they need Jesus. So let’s go forth and make Him known.


– Christina Sathaseevan


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