Waiting isn’t easy!

I think we can all agree that waiting isn’t exactly easy. Impatience has become the norm in the society we live in. We tend to even get impatient while waiting for the “quick” and “instant” things in life as well…from drive thru line ups to waiting for your microwaveable dinners to be ready! And let’s not forget about those with road rage during rush hour…it seems some people are always in a hurry!!! Let’s face it; we have become pretty spoiled living in this side of the world, that most of us dread the idea of waiting for something… even the little things we often take for granted.

So what do you do when God wants you to wait?

Waiting on God may seem hopeless to some people because they don’t see answers right away. Some people expect God to answer instantly after they have prayed for a need. But God does not work like that, nor does He do things according to our timing or convenience. If you find yourself questioning His ways, I have one thing I want to remind you of…the created should not question the Creator. We are His workmanship, and He knows us from the inside out. He definitely knows what’s best for you…..so if He is making you wait, just trust Him. Why would He want to withhold any good thing from you? Sometimes His delays are not His denials…so just because you can’t see Him answering it right now, it does not mean He isn’t going to answer at all. But also please keep in mind that He will answer according to HIS plan for your life, not based on what your agenda is. Isaiah 55:8 clearly states that His thoughts and ways are much higher than ours.

Waiting on God is something I am extremely familiar with, as every blessing in my life is something or someone I have prayed for and waited on Him for. It was only through all these seasons of waiting that God drew me even closer to Him. I learned to completely find my rest and hope in Him alone. Not only that, but He really was producing the fruit of patience within me, which I lacked very much. A wise woman once told me that the Lord requires us to wait on Him and that He allows us to go through these seasons so we can develop patience, so that we can wait patiently for His return. If the fruit of patience was not practiced or exercised in our lives through these circumstances, how then can we wait for Him to return?

I remember two of the biggest blessings in my life were people I had prayed for and waited on God for….my husband and my child. Today, I’m going to write specifically about waiting on God for a husband.

I remember being at point in my life where I completely gave up on finding a husband, because every guy I came across God had clearly showed me through various ways, that they were not in His will for my life. I experienced a lot of hurt and rejection, but I later realized that God was protecting me and actually showing me what my worth is and what I should not settle for.  As a woman, you long to be cherished and loved the way God designed a husband to love his wife….and I had not received that kind of love from any man, so I knew God was saying NO!! So I kept praying and waiting for a man of God and nothing happened!!!…however, I must admit a lot of men kept trying to creep into my life…to try to distract me, but I knew they were not from God! (I am not the type of woman to compromise my beliefs and love for God for a man or any other person, so my standards were set based on that!) But I was really getting tired of waiting, so I was beginning to have doubts and decided I did not care if I didn’t get married. I started looking at God like the love of my life and He brought me to a place where He required me to completely surrender the idea of my future husband and of getting married into His hands, and to solely focus on Him. I sought after Him with my whole heart and found so much comfort in Him. I became so in tune with Him that He constantly showed me the needs of others and used me where ever He needed to, because I made myself available to Him. I ended up going on a forty day fast to get even closer to Him and to seek His face even more. Funny enough, as I was nearing the end of my fast, God brought my husband and I together. And I knew that he was from Him because I had so much peace and clarity. I had actually known my husband for several years before we began our courtship! So it really is amazing how God puts all the pieces together when we wait on Him and when we don’t take matters into our own hands and run ahead of Him! Great things happen when we least expect it! I learned so much about His heart for me, while I was focusing on Him alone. I also learned so much about what love is, and how He designed it to be … He was teaching me all of that during my undivided time with Him (which I would not have had if I was constantly thinking about a man and marriage). He knew I was finally ready to receive a husband’s love and to reciprocate that love as well.

My husband and I used this specific verse at our wedding as a promise from God: “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you the desires of your heart“- Psalm 37:4. Many people don’t realize the verses that come right after that verse though…”Commit your way to Him, trust also in Him and He shall bring it to pass. He shall bring forth your righteousness as the light, and your justice as the noonday. Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him…”

Waiting on Him, commiting your ways to Him and trusting Him are all required when He fulfills the desires of our heart! I am still waiting on God for certain things in my life, and I am sure you are waiting as well, so have hope and know He works all things out for the good of those who love Him who have been called according to His purpose as it says in Romans 8:28. Waiting isn’t easy, but it is worth it!!! He knows the cry of your heart, He has heard every prayer you prayed and He has seen every tear you have shed!

If you are waiting on God for something, whether it’s a husband, direction and clarity, a child, a new job, a healing etc just enjoy this season and continue to serve God and love Him with your whole heart. Also, the way God has blessed another person won’t be the same way He chooses to bless you. So don’t look at how everything is unfolding in other people’s lives. If you aren’t seeing results or answers the way you want and how quickly you want, it is because God is truly trying to mold your character, refine it and draw you close to Him.

He desires to be in the centre of our life! Don’t just go to Him when you have a need…love Him for who He is, no matter what season you are in! Seek the Giver, not His gifts!


-Briana Uthayacumaran


3 thoughts on “Waiting isn’t easy!

  1. Rebecca

    So glad u shared ur story, Bri! 🙂 Well said!- We really can’t fall in love with our future spouse before falling in love with Jesus first!!!


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