Rejection. This is a word you’ve probably felt at least once in your life. Rejection is something no one ever wants to face, yet it seems to be a normal part of life. It seems impossible to go through life without ever once experiencing the sneer of rejection.

Rejection can creep up in many different areas in our lives: job, school, friends, relationships, family etc. And once rejection has revealed its nasty head, we tend to re-evaluate who we are and what our worth is. Our self esteem comes tumbling down like blocks.  But many times we wonder if rejection causes such misery, why does God allow it. The answer is simple. It is because God has something better. When we go through rejection, we only see the present and the heartache that comes with it. But God sees the bigger picture. When rejection comes our way, it means God is saying no for that time being.

If God is saying no to something, does that mean no forever? No, it doesn’t have to mean that. In some instances it does mean that the person/job is never to be in your life. But sometimes, it could be a “no” just for the present. In Genesis, we see the story of Joseph and how he was rejected by his brothers. Imagine how it should have felt to be abandoned by his own brothers? However, we see quickly how God turns his pathetic circumstance into something beautiful. And in the end of it all, God reunites him with his brothers. And these are not the same jealous brothers anymore. These are brothers that are now changed and humbled. God had changed them in a positive way during all that time. God had something better for Joseph. God has something better for you who feel rejected today.

Do you feel unworthy because of a job rejection? Do you feel unloved because your parents have abandoned you? Do you feel broken because a man broke your heart? Do you feel alienated because you feel you have no genuine friends? In 1 Peter 5:7, we read “Cast all your anxieties on Him, because He cares for you.” Even if you might be feeling like the loneliest person on earth today, remember that there is a God who understands and sees the pain of your heart. All He wants is for you to give your worries to Him and to let Him carry it. There was a time in my life that I felt I had no one to relate to and I felt rejected by my closest friends. But God used that time in my life to draw me much closer to Him. It was the year that I discovered God in a more personal level.

So, don’t let the rejection in your life be a negative event. Instead, perceive what God wants to make of this situation in your life. Nothing happens for no reason. In this most difficult time in your life, cling to Him who cares and you will see God change this circumstance into something better.

-Esther Ravindran


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